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Kids are off school at the moment so I want the house warm without having to manually change every room, every day. Request is for a simple button to hit for "day off" and instantly the scheduling will change as if it's Saturday (or potentially Sunday if you want). Basically the same feature that Evohome already has:

PS I'm in no way saying Evohome is better, quite the contrary, but this feature is really cool.

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  • I suppose the argument here is that a "Day Off" mode is less neccecary with Tado, because Tado already knows when you're having a day off as it knows your location and will keep the heating on if you're still at home.

    But I do agree that some kind of temporary schedule override would be useful, to deal with times when you know you are going to go to bed or get up at a different time. E.g. when you have the next day off, or when you're due to get up early the next morning to catch a flight. As while Tado knows whether you're at home or not, what it can't do is know when you're going to go to bed or get up.

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    I think the problem here is that Tado's takes the approach of applying schedules to days. This means that, to change what happens on a particular day, you need to edit the actual schedule. This is a nightmare if you work variable shifts.

    Apps like Kasa and iConnectHue take the opposite approach by applying days to schedules. So, you do the hard work of setting up your different schedules just once (e.g. early shift, middle shift, late shift). After that, it's dead easy to adjust the days that each schedule is or is not applied to (see example below).

    Why would I want to make these adjustments?

    A member of my household works variable shifts, the daily pattern of which changes from week to week. She uses lights that fade in to wake her for early and middle shifts. We set the days for each schedule every Sunday, it takes about 30 seconds using the iConnectHue app.

    Here's the schedule summary for the week. You can have as many different schedules as you like:

    Here's where I pick the days for this week's early shifts, this week she is on early shift on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:

    This approach would allow you to easily vary Tado's ON time for your heating in the morning, something that merely being aware that you are at home cannot do.

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