Develop a "basic backup schedule" mode for when Tado outage or loss of internet

When Tado devices lose access to the Tado servers, either due to a Tado server outage (as has occured a few times), or due to temporary internet issues at the property, the Smart Radiator Valves effectively stick in their current schedule temperature state. This means the heating can fail to turn off overnight, fail to turn on in the morning, fail to turn on when returing home etc, and require the user to manually activate/deactivate each zone on a zone's device.

I understand that the "Smart Schedule" can't be used without an internet connection as Tado uses data such as the weather outside and the user's location to decide how the schedule should operate, but during an outage the Tado system should at least fall back to a basic schedule state, where it just follows the timing schedule like a normal, non-smart progammer does. Currently, without an internet connection Tado is significantly worse than a standard "dumb" programmer, it should be at least the same.

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  • Yes please. This winter I woke up to a freezing cold home because my router had packed in overnight and the temperature didn't get turned up in the morning. Remembering the schedule would be ideal, but at the very least it should be able to remember the next upcoming scheduled change for each zone, or the ability to define the behaviour in the event of no Internet connection.

  • Yes. Good idea......
  • +1 - I would pay a premium for a version that would be able to continue to operate without the cloud service being contactable. This could have been offered in the form of an "Internet Bridge +" that had local control capability.

    AWS have recognised this requirement with IoT Greengrass, and it looks like Tado runs out of AWS so it might be achievable?

  • +1

    This is an excellent idea. Ironically, this is how imagined that the system would work.

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    @charlie35slr - I also thought it would fall back to a locally stored schedule and was very surprised when I found one night that it had heated all night because it had lost the Internet connection.

  • I have already suggested a local control device to cater for issues beyond the home. Thus if your internet has failed or there is a service outage, the Tado heating controls would continue via a local control Device. I.e. raspberry pi or similar device. However this has not been acknowledged by Tado. This was during a prolonged investigation as to a local service outage. However no fault was found.

    Also suggested the Tado. Ridge should be more robust in error recovery


  • +1 on this one too. Good idea.
  • Wow! This what I notified more times last years to Tado. If you programed 20 degrees till 9 am and then 18 degrees, if at 8:59 your connection starts fail, the set temperature stucks to 20 degree and if you already left home and the fail persists your boiler runs and runs rising your bill. This happened to me....

    And connection fail does not only mean internet connection fail, but also device to bridge connection fail that in a big house could really happens. Some time heppens to me!

    Unlikely, this is a big architecture bug: really all the intelligence in on the cloud and for this reason it is probably that they have designed the devices with minimal hardware that now probably cannot fit/support a "local backup" schedule".

    A wholly cloud dependent system could be use if a missing connection with the server causes only slight/acceptable effects on user experience! Waking up in a freeze or pay increased bill are not a slight/acceptable effects user experience. An house heating system is not a system to be controlled through a totally cloud dependent logic, a backup solution must be always be present!!!

  • TBH, if I had known that a loss of internet would leave the system in its last known position, I would not have invested in a Tado system. It should have at least a basic fall back position so that it heats to the schedule based on the assumption that someone is home.

    I was thinking about installing Tado for my elderly Mother but imagine if the internet went offline during winter. Come on tado, this is an important issue.

  • This is an absolute 'must have' capability. I had imagined it would work like this but then I was told by Tado support that it does not. This is a serious shortcoming and should be a development priority in my view.

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    I too had no idea this would happen, but because Tado is programmed via the cloud rather than local hardware it is understandable.

    Hopefully Tado can come up with a workaround soon to ensure that if the internet signal is lost the next programmed event can still occur.

  • Would be a +1 from me also

    Yes just brought mine and 2nd night hot water heating all night due to internet loss. Tado should hold a schedule or when a network lost is detected the user should be sent a warning and the system should turn the hot water off and heating to frost protection . The user then has the option to control manually come on TADO this is a basic requirement
  • +1 to this. The device should store the basic program so that if the connection fails it can just assume someone is home and follow the basic schedule like a normal programmable thermostat would do.

    A notification in the app that the system is not reachable from the cloud would also be good to alert the owner that this is hapenning.

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