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Tado support UK telephone number

What is this please and its hours of operation?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Have you tried the help line on their site. I find it very useful.

  • Is there one? I've looked all over their website and can't find any number to call for support.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Sorry I meant the chat line.

  • Got it, thanks samd. I tried that instead and got a response so hopefully my issue (ability to add rooms) is resolved now.

    Wish they had a telephone support line though.

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    They do, it's

  • SkierSkier
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    The instructions for professional installers has the following number listed as the 'tado installer hotline:' haven't tried to use it. See the attached.


  • Thanks for that Skier.

  • I was going to post the U.K support number but they no longer answer it, I have just found out. They are "transitioning to a chat based system which has a faster response and more availability to better assist you" the recorded message tells us.

    So, no more telephone support. Instead I now have to post a chat and leave the PC on and wait in the house for a reply which I am told typicallly takes a few hours.

    Faster response? I don't ever remember waiting a few hours for the phone to be answered. This is not good news. This is our heating system they are controlling, not the lights or the TV.

  • Agree that they really should have provide telephone number for support however I've been using their webchat over the last couple of days and they have been very responsive.

  • Well that's over 4 hours and...... nothing.

  • GermánGermán | Admin
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    Hello all,

    You can contact tado support via our chat in www.tado.com

    Via this contact form:

    Of via the Customer emergency voicemail that will be available to you if your request either in the chat or the contact form qualifies as an emergency:

    As in:

    -Heating/Hot water is not working at all.

    -Heating is not stopping at all.

    Please remember than an installation consult is never an emergency, if you have any consult about your installation your old controllers need to remain in place until you have all instructions available and no questions about them.


    Thank you all for helping us giving you the best possible response.

  • There isn't an official one - you have to submit a written support request from their website.

    I had a lot of problems getting my system setup earlier this year. I found a number on some old install docs, but when you phone you are told that ALL questions have to go through their online system - no exceptions.

    It took about 4 written requests and I was getting no where as I kept being referred to standard answers that invariably required me providing more info at each step. If this could have been done in real time, It wouldn't have been too much of an issue ... but it's not - you put in your request then have to wait 48 hours for someone to get back to you via email with their "standard response". Once you say your issue isn't covered, you have to wait another 48 hours for someone to get back and ask more questions.

    After trying this out for over a week with no progress, I told them this was a very bad customer experience and demanded that someone phone me so that we could discuss my specific issue in realtime. 48 hours later, I got the phone call from someone in Germany and was able to get everything working. They had to reprogram my setup on their servers and consolidate 2 radiators into a single zone as I was over the max number of radiators you could have - information they don't make very clear on the website.

    The really annoying part here is that I had tried and given up contacting them before buying all the kit - I'd wanted to discuss my requirements before spending over £1k. In the end, I followed their "standard info" and took a risk trying to figure out what I'd need only to find after speaking to the guy in Germany that I could have saved £200 as I didn't need 2 of the items given my setup. Very frustrating experience.

    In short ...

    Send a support request from their website

    Do this BEFORE you buy anything

    Demand that someone phone you so that you can discuss your specific requirements - especially if you are going to have a mix of radiators and underfloor heating all being powered from a combi boiler.

    Good look getting through to them.

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