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Compatibility of my current setup,.

Hello we are about to purchase a TADO system with :

1 x Smart Thermostat

4 x Smart Radiator Thermostat

We have the following questions :

1.- Heating system compatibility :

Boiler : BAXI 28/28 F

Programmer : Saunier Duval (Unknown model) Uses a 2 x 1.5V Bateries and closes a RELE 250VAC to the Boiler.

Current Radiator Thermostats : Giacomini.

2.- Internet Bridge :

We would like to integrate your solution with another levels of domotic automatization , can we use another Internet Bridge based on an open standards : Open Hab, MainFlux, Hassio?

In the case we can only use TADO Internet bridge, can we access the cloud data using an API ? , there is an open API to interact wirh TADO products?

3.- All devices Smart Thermostat , Smart Radiator Thermostat have temperature and humidity sensors , can we access this data directly or through a cloud API ?

4.- High availability :

What happens if internet connetivity fall down? Is the data stored locally? , Where ? it's accesible? Device programming will be still operative?

5.- Power consume :

What are the power consume for all devices? , are battery powered? , what is the medium batery life for all devices?

Thank you in advance for your answers .-


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello MonBiFam,

    Thank you for your interest in tado°

    1 in short your setup is compatible, however we do still recommend you to contact our support team via the contact form, we would like to receive more details on the Giacomini's to be sure of compatibility:

    2 tado° cannot function without the Internet Bridge, however integration is possible through IFTTT:

    3 As end-user you will have access to such data via the tado° app.

    4 In case of loss of internet, data tracking will no longer take place, as this is stored on the server, not on the devices. The devices will be controllable manually, however functions such as Smart Schedule will no longer be available.

    5 power consumption varies drastically depending on the location, usage etc. It would be impossible to provide an accurate answer to this question. The Internetbridge is powered via a power adapter (or via a 5v MicroUSB power source), The Smart Thermostat and the Smart Radiator Thermostats are battery powered.

    Kind regards,


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