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allow changing the order of tiles



  • I’ll give it a go on the laptop later. Doesn’t seem to function via iPhone when following that link.
  • Wow. I can't believe this is something people have been asking for over such a long period and yet it's still not implemented.

    Is tado actually being actively supported? Or is the company closing down? Genuine question.

  • I called a few months ago and they said that it had been removed due to lack of demand. I think that's crazy. Such a basic feature for anyone using a phone app - we EXPECT to be able to drag and drop tiles. If this feature were not there via the web app, you could end up with an entirely random arrangement of rooms/tiles on the home page, making it totally unintuitive to navigate. As I understand it, the only way of changing the order if/when they do away with the "old" web-app would be to uninstall all of the rooms/TRVs and start over. How crazy is that?!

    Also, I agree that rotating tiles when in landscape screen mode should be basic functionality.

    Funny thing is, one of the reasons I chose Tado over Honeywell was a perception that Tado is more internet/app focused and that Honeywell has been slow to update both app and hardware interfaces.

  • This is a must for me.

    I also would like the rearranging of tiles and the possibility to have little dividers, e.g. first floor rooms, downstairs, upstairs etc
  • +1 . I am new to Tado and already massively regretting moving away from Hive which was more user front and seemed much more customisable
  • Indeed, I installed the thermostats in no particular order and now I am stuck with them. Changing the order would most welcome.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Nikita See page one of this thread for how to change the order

  • NikitaNikita
    edited February 11

    @samd, thank you! I was not attentive when going through the comments first time

  • Yes, please. me too.

  • The link Tado just gave me to do this was

    But doesn’t work on iPhone only worked on desktop.
  • Tado, this is utterly ridiculous. Please restore the ability to move tiles.
    It’s the most basic of basic features.
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