Can I handle LG PW0722R2FR ( Cooling, Heating Muliti-fuctional ) Model using tado air controller?

This Multi-fucntional Air Cooling, Heating Conditioner is not old Model But Remote Controller has no display that showing status of air. Can I Use Tado Air conditioner Controller to controll via Internet and Mobile App? Any anwer will be very appreciated. Thank you!


  • Hi @jungschoi

    Unfortunately this isn't compatible, as the remote only sends out simple commands (e.g. up or down a degree) and not absolute ones (e.g. cool to 23°C), so the Smart AC Control would never know what the AC is actually set to and what it is actually doing.

    The function buttons are also often just a toggle, relying on the user to confirm that the right mode was selected, but as the Smart AC Control can't read the display, it can only guess if the AC has changed the correct setting.

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