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Multiple radiators in a single room

Planning on buying the tado smart radiator thermostats to create several heating zones across my house.

However some rooms have two, three or even four radiators in them. Do I need a smart radiator thermostat for every radiator in each room or is it possible to have 1 thermostat in a room control all the radiators in that room?

Hoping not to have to buy a dozen smart thermostats as that would be way too expensive.

Thanks in advance.

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  • jelockwoodjelockwood ✭✭
    edited January 21


    If all the radiators in the home are on the same ring and plumbed so that an individual radiator with a TRV can turn itself off without affecting the others radiators - what I believe to be the 'normal' setup then the following should apply.

    1. Define rooms in Tado
    2. Add Tado Smart TRVs to the respective rooms, in your case this will result in multiple Tado Smart TRVs in an individual room
    3. Using the Tado software you can nominate one of the Tado Smart TRVs as being the master temperature sensor for the entire room so all the radiators in that room are in effect linked

    However a lot of people find the Tado Smart TRVs temperature sensor to be inaccurate due to being so close to the radiator itself. Therefore you can instead buy an additional Tado Smart Thermostat and use one of those in a room as the rooms master temperature sensor. You could also buy an additional Tado Smart TRV and leave it on a shelf not connected to a radiator and again make it the master as this is cheaper than the Tado Smart Thermostat.

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