[Released – ver. 5.10] Manual Control of Home and Away mode



  • Tado continues to disappoint. Above all, this is a product, and it should meet the most basic needs.

    Tado clearly does not think that way, and does not respect its customers.

  • @tulloch you'll have to confirm with tado but I'm pretty sure you can upgrade to the v3+ app switch use either version web interface still. I know I can so can see heating demand on the old v3 web page but have the new manual control on the + app. Not exactly what you want but a workable solution
  • @robotive Great news, thanks! Is this only in a closed beta, or can anyone in beta use this now? I enabled beta on Google Play for the tado app just now, but I didn't get a new app version available for download and don't see the new feature yet.
  • @dougie175 That would work, I use the web version so infrequently I had forgotten about it. So the web interface does not change?

  • @JoopNL It's public beta. I've just done the same as you and it worked. Try closing the Play Store app and then re-opening, it should then say on the Tado page if your beta enrollment is successful. Then you should be able to force an update.

  • @robotive Thanks for this announcement. Although some improvements could be made, this is hugely welcome and an absolute must-have feature. In 2 months I come to the end of my initial 6 months with Tado, and without this feature I would have returned all of my Tado gear (12 TRVs, 1 room stat & 1 extension kit).

    However, could you please explain why there was absolute radio silence on this? This community was specifically set up by Tado to enable features to be suggested, voted upon and for Tado to act upon it.

    Personally, the biggest disappointment for me is not that this feature took so long, but that there was absolute no dialogue from Tado. I do not expect (or even want) Tado to update us every day with what they're working on. I also fully understand why there is no longer a roadmap. All of these things are fine, but surely there can be the occasional post on here which acknowledges hugely important features that the community have requested and whether or not they feature in your plans?

  • @tulloch it depends on which web address you use both are still available to you
  • Just enrolled to the public beta and its there for me now! Finally I can keep the heat on when the grandparents are watching the kids easily!

  • @dougie175 Ah, thanks for that. Even more interesting. I wonder if you only have access to both addresses after you upgrade. Would you mind sharing the new one. I am using my.tado.com


  • At last! Now it may be worth buying some radiator valves. (Have just relied on the house thermostat until now, with IFTT, because of this problem.)
  • @tulloch Heating demand indicator is not really missing, it is there, just in a different form: the "Heating to XX°" on the widget or room screen means that there is heat request. If if says "Set to XX°" it means this is the current desired set point, but there is no heat request. We got feedback that some people prefer the old waves/flames indicators, so we might look into bringing this back.. One thing that is currently missing is reordering of the widgets/rooms, but this will be fixed. Otherwise I can't think of any other missing feature, the V3+ app has everything the V3 has and more. And yes, if you do upgrade you get Auto-Assist included for free, for life.

  • To be fair there's even a workaround for the order issue. If you use the old web app to reorder the tiles it changes them in v3+. I'm glad I swapped its it's a much nicer interface. As for new features don't think we can expect tado to support new features in a new app and a legacy app. It's not a ridiculous amount to upgrade to be fair
  • @JoopNL As others already mentioned, it is a Public Beta. If you can't get it working, please submit a customer support request and somebody from the team will have a look. Thanks.

    @Will I can't really comment on this, not my area of competence. From my side I can tell you that we don't like to pre-announce features we are working on or considering for the future. I can also assure you that we are constantly looking into customer feedback, be it on this forum, on social media, customer support tickets, etc. and value all the feedback we get from you a lot. As you can see, this is one feature requested by the community that we are releasing and there is going to be more…

  • Thank you tado for manual control of away mode. You have restored my faith in you... It's just a shame you didn't communicate with your community for so long. Maybe that's a lesson learned?
  • @robotive Thanks for that explanation. For the record I do prefer the waves and hope that comes back. Time to upgrade I think. Do you think the discount will be offered again?

  • @joolzsm I understand your feelings about this. We are a relatively small company, so we need to prioritise resources… thought this doesn't mean we don't communicate with our users. My discussions with the community, be it here or on Twitter happens mostly in my private time and on my own initiative. As one of the App Engineers at tado I sometimes have the desire of getting in touch with people directly, be it to get some feedback or just to help with an issue.

    @tulloch I have the feeling you should wait until the 1st of March… 🤭🤫

  • I've got it working now with the beta. Only got the update a few hours after enrolling in the beta. (Despite refreshing several times and even reinstalling.) The feature seems to be working fine!

    And thanks for communicating here directly. I agree with others though that this should really be company policy. If only to make sure people here don't start to get the feeling we're just completely ignored. Note: this is directed at tado as a whole, not at you personally @robotive . Thanks again.
  • @JoopNL Sure, I don't take it personally. We definitely value your feedback guys and I've already forwarded your feedback in regards to the communication with the community to the interested people. In the meantime I hope you guys are going to like the new Home/Away feature and all the other things we plan to deliver this year 😉.

  • @robotive Thanks to the team for this! Great step forward, it seemed to have gone very quiet from the Tado team! I've got sooo much feedback regarding the app and product experience, that I've been posting on here alongside everyone else. Hopefully more of our feedback, gets introduced in the future! 🙂

  • Finally it is here. I think everyone would also appreciate a widget for Android desktop via which you can change home/away mode.
  • @kostek a widget would be nice yes.
    @robotive I'm verry thankful for the home/away button.
  • I've been using tado only a day and here I am, searching how come that I'm not able to switch Home/Away manually. You guys here were talking about beta. I have Apple iPhone and latest version of iOS and tado app. When will the iOS app get the update that contains this feature, please?
  • samd
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    @Goof Have you tried accessing the beta - In the app under 'More'

  • @Goof Will take at least 2 weeks. Next version includes some important under the hood changes that require extensive testing.

  • Finally!
    Downloaded the beta and having tested it a few times this morning, this also seems to be at least a partial solution for the lack of multi-home support as I can now log in and out of my two accounts using the same device without tado automatically turning the heating on in the other house as soon as I log out. Previously, I had to use a separate device left here at home to geofence control the other house and ensure that system stayed in away mode until I said otherwise.

    I’ve been using the grandfathered V3+ app on the other property and V3 here at home because I felt that V3+ still lacked a few of my favourite features e.g. the wavy lines and the ability to scroll across between rooms rather than have to go in and out of each one, but this new feature has now prompted me to upgrade fully to V3+, especially as it’s on discount at the moment anyway.
  • Goof
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    @samd I can't find such option there. Are you talking about iOS or Android app?

    @robotive Thanks for quick reply. Can't wait :)
  • samd
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    @Goof My apologies - I was not aware that iOS was coming later.

  • @Goof @samd The beta is available for both iOS and Android. What I wanted to say is that it will take couple of weeks until the final version is released.

    @Goof The feature is also only available for the V3+ app.

    @siber0 If you have multiple homes, you don't have to buy the V3+ app upgrade multiple times. You can just Restore the Purchase once you've logged in the V3 home. Iirc even if you are trying to buy it multiple times, you won't be billed by the App Store twice, at least not on iOS.

    Indeed, the V3+ app is currently on discount for 50% off.

  • @robotive Can’t find any option for Restore Purchase in my V3. Wouldn’t have expected to as I had to set up an entirely different account for that property as it won’t allow multiple homes under the same account I have for the other property running V3+.
    There is an option to state that I have already bought the upgrade which is accessible when clicking on the option to upgrade to V3+ but it doesn’t do anything.
  • Adrian (tado°)
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    @siber0 Yes, that is the option I was thinking of. What happens when you tap on it?