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  • I suggested a remote tank thermostat so you can see the temperature. I have a remote immersion timer by timeguard set for an hour a day. It is literally a switch that has on off and remote/timed. With a 1 hour advance button. It's set for 3am …
  • I got my neighbour to shut my patio door a few weeks ago after noticing my dining room was at the same temperature as outside. Saved me getting burgled as I was away and had forgotten to close it
  • Use the heat in the bedroom as an alarm. If you are turning it on when you wake why not set it to turn on a few minutes before you wake. I can't sleep with the heating on I heat the room before bed and just before I wake.. works for me.
  • I have aligned all my scheduled heating on all my radiators with my hot water and central heating schedules. Its the only truly efficient way to do it. Trouble is apart from geo fencing its exactly the same as what i had before. Except a manual TR…
  • Why not work in an alliance to have a Bridge app that could be incorporated into universal bridge by a third party provider. Homes would only need to buy the universal bridge and add the apps to it The new echo plus has one built in. This woul…
  • This would allow a zoning option
  • Have you got an old.tablet? What I think would work would be to have a home version of the app with an overide that uses an old tablet as a remote control. Maybe even have a dlna app on smart TV so you can still control by wifi.