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  • @Johnny5 As a temporary solution please see below from tado If you have a Smart Thermostat directly connected to the boiler. You can simple control the heating by pushing the round button on the device and then setting your heating to your preferred…
  • @tomicic Hello. tado operates in two different modes i.e. one in which the boiler-controlling thermostat has to be calling for heat AND the other in which ALL tado devices can independently call for heat regardless of the position of the thermostat…
  • @Stewart13 Good stuff! Has it also made the thermostat any more accurate than with out the shield?
  • @TeddD88 On the app select smart schedule and half way down the page it says schedule days. You are the schedule shown. Select it and it gives you 3 options for days to schedule e.g. mon-sun, mon-fri, sat and Sun etc
    in Zone valve Comment by samd January 27
  • @TeddD88 Or you could allocate allocate one of your sets of 3 'schedule days' for a summer schedule which turns everything to off but turns the valve on for a couple of minutes every day or whatever period you wish.
    in Zone valve Comment by samd January 27
  • @Derek Wow! I would reply saying only that you want every tado device to be able to call for heat regardless of the position of the boiler-controlling thermostat.
  • @Derek Hello. You need to use the chat line on and ask them to switch you over to all tado devices having equal priority. It's a 2 minute job for them.
  • @PhilHolmes Hello - Taking your 1st question as the one starting with 'WHAT': Correct Not available but if you do not allow them to use the app, all they can do is change at the radiator which they could previously. Not available Not available but…
  • @damianfabian That is correct - just take note that you have a house with 3 levels but the maximum number of rooms is 10 (but there are ways to get round that)
  • @damianfabian Hello - You said: I know I can install a central thermostat for my house, but as my house has 3 levels, It will be a waste of energy to heat the whole house at the same time No need to worry about that. Every tado device (room or rad…
  • @Coccolino Hello - I have no knowledge about pellet burners but if it is turned on and off by an ordinary thermostat, then I see no reason why tado could not do the same. tado has 2 options in that You can have it so that the boiler-controlling th…
    in House Set up Comment by samd January 24
  • If you need to install rooms greater than ten you will need to re-think in terms of zones (Fictitious new combined rooms). Do you have any rooms which could be controlled together i.e. similar requirements for the smart schedule? If so then go bac…
  • @Sa7mon Hello - when you say '9 in all' presume that's your max number of rooms (10 is the limit). Others have had this problem before and, fairly sure you need to wait for support to reply.
  • @Joey Many thanks - I live and learn!
  • @Joey Thanks for your response. You are correct in assuming comms as loss of internet. I had read that article but I do not have an extension kit and couldn't find a similar article for my situation.
  • @rgh There are a number of threads on this subject and you may wish to add your voice to the main suggestion. Having the opening furthest from the rad (as you have suggested) makes a small difference for vertically mounted versions and horizontal …
  • @leechheart Hello - are you talking about your Room thermostat or the radiator TRVs please?
  • No idea if this will work but worth a try. Reset each of your devices - see
  • @mt465 From what you say it looks as though you have a faulty part. Can only suggest that you go on the chat line at and explain the situation.
  • Fairly sure that is the only way.
  • @sP1bOB Hello - There are two modes in which tado operates: The boiler-controlling thermostat needs to be calling for heat for other tado radstats to operate. Every tado device has primacy i.e. regardless of the position of the smart thermostat Sup…
  • @mt465 When you say switched to manual do you mean heating off turned on and vice versa?
  • Another straw to clutch at! Are there any other tado registered users?
  • @Brian_D You are correct in your understanding of the working of away mode. clutching at straws here on the 3rd line of your post above but have you selected early start for your Smart Schedules (top right corner of smart schedule)
  • @Blagdonboy Wow - that's some layout. I am surprised that support couldn't help and given the complexity of your requirements, I really cannot see if anyone here would be able to help given the difficulties over communication. Let's hope I am wron…
  • @J_2192 Hello - sounds like your still tied in. and use the chat line, they should sort it for you
  • @Blagdonboy Hello. I think it would help if you provided a bit more information please. For example, tado has a 10 room limit and with 17 rads you could be close to that (there are workarounds though) Also more info on the Lounge and rads in e…
  • @Tunnedin No replies so far. Sorry I cannot help - have you tried support? then chatline.
  • @MW123. I apologise. I thought in the early days for me with tado that when I just had 2 rads in one room they were each measuring from themselves. I was wrong. I have just proposed an alteration to permit this to happen.
  • @MW123 Yes I appreciate that but tado knows nothing about your house nor the physical location of any device. You could, therefore invent a new room and put 2 or more room's worth of tado trvs into that new room with each device measuring from itse…