ANDROID APP : Should I upgrade or not ??🤔

GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭

My current Android App version is 6.46.1 and to be perfectly honest, my App seems to be working very glitches (that I am aware of)

But the latest Android App version is 6.51.2

So, my question is this.......what are the changes from 6.46.1 to 6.51.2

Can anyone tell me what are the "benefits" of the latest Android App version, and should I upgrade to the latest version ??🤔

I have often seen that "glitches" can be introduced once an updated App version is downloaded, and because of this, I have turned OFF my Android devices "Auto Update" feature. 6.51.2 working OK, and is it better than my current version ??🤔


  • Actually as of today the latest Android App version is 6.52.0 so that's yet another UPDATE without any real information from tado°s App developers as to what the UPDATE is for......all you get is the same old generic real information at all 😟
  • Most app updates I do on my phone are "Bug fixes and performance improvements".

    I don't see why Tado should be any different.

  • Andreplusplus
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    @what_a_tado Because every app developer does it, doesn't mean tado couldn't do better... I hate that too - no real information just the generic "bug fixes and improvements". Releasenotes at or in the play store are more than welcome.
  • @Andreplusplus Well I think both you and @GrayDav4276 are going to be disappointed as Tado show absolutely no indication that are are going to provide their customers with detailed release notes any time soon.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
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    I took the plunge last night and allowed the UPDATE to be applied.......and having then reviewed my App......I can't see a single change to my UI or operation of the App.......??🤔
    I have not applied the UPDATE to my Android I've got two Android devices on different App versions, to compare the different versions.
  • Rob2
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    Probably most app changes are only to cater for changes in the operating system (Android) which has regular new releases that often have tighter controls on what an app can do. Once in a while we see a rush of message complaining that something does not work anymore (from Apple or Android app users) and often in the end it turns out something was changed in their device software, and the app had to be adapted to that.

    When you do not have the latest software on your device (e.g. when it is a little older or the manufacturer is not that actively distributing updates) it may well be that the whole issue does not affect you at all, and an update is completely unnecessary.

    But indeed, would you have meaningful release notes you would maybe be able to read that there.

    ("Fixed geolocation issue affecting only Android 12 users", for example)

    Reality is that even companies that DO provide release notes, often seem to pass them through a marketing and/or legal department.

  • Heatexpert
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    V6.53.0 on Android adds monthly historic energy consumption graphs, for 2022 and earlier years, within Energy IQ.

    I have not yet looked back at the data from bills tb to see how accurate the consumption data actually is.

    The app seems to be working fine, without any issues.