Tado Matter (Chip) protocol compatible

The Matter home interoperability protocol will be released this Winter! will the Tado bridge be updating to be Matter compatible?


  • Wathing this :-) Hope will come ...

  • Rob2
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    Tado is not really the company that sees new developments and new wishes, looks at them and says "yes, that would be nice, let's implement that in the next release"... They have designed a product years ago and they have to be dragged by their feet for every small bell and whistle to be added, often taking 2-3 years between request and implementation.

  • Tado° is not a member of Matter, so I wouldn't expect for an update.


  • From what I Understand about Matters and Thread it will require different chipsets so that each device has an IP address of its own. So out with the old and in with the new.

    I havent as yet seen a smart thermostat company give any information about adopting "Matters" ( CHIP as was)

  • Ditsy
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    Schneider have publicly commented. I haven't managed to locate the press release, only blog posts regurgitating it:


  • Klaus_Ludwig
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    editado junio 2022

    "Matter" is a new IOT compatibility protocol soon to be launched that is likely to have a significant impact on the IOT market. It is being driven by the Connectivity Standards Alliance which is backed by Google, Apple, and Amazon - amongst other big names.

    With reference to the comment by @rafm5 that Tado is "not a member of Matter" noted that Tado is now on the official Connectivity Standards Alliance list of participants :) Scroll down and click on See All Participants at https://csa-iot.org/members/ ... May not have been the case when the comment was written....

    I hope that any steps that Tado takes toward Matter compatibility will manage to maintain an acceptable degree of backward compatibility.

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    There have been little or no feature upgrades for the current v3 line of products, and there have been signs that development is going on behind the scenes.

    My bet is that there will be a new line of products (v4) to implement the longstanding wishlist items.

  • Tado is now part of the Matter members :)