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Hi all
Is anyone getting stupid energy costing predictions from the Energy IQ like i am.

Currently this month my predicted energy consumption is 2,207.03 £/kwh

The other issue I have even tho it’s in beta so I’m guessing this will be sorted is that my estimated cost this month is £6,552


  • eezytiger
    eezytiger ✭✭✭

    Mine has had a total brain fart today. Up until yesterday everything was looking reasonable. With today's meter reading (+1 m3 since yesterday) Tado has suddenly ramped up my heating consumption for May to an estimated 571 kWh. Yesterday it showed 65kWh.

    My total gas consumption so far in May - heating, hot water, cooking - is 95 kWh and the heating has been turned off from the 7th May onwards.

    And while 65 kWh is plausible, looking at my daily totals I'd say that, with only 58 kWh consumed from 1st to 6th May, the heating consumption is nearer 46 kWh, once hot water and cooking is deducted.

    Being in beta is no excuse for such nonsense. 571 is a long way from 46. What sort of maths is this?

  • That's shambolic to be honest
  • Yep, just in a new month and 3 hrs of activity has used 8kw of gas costing £27.
  • eezytiger
    eezytiger ✭✭✭
    I've got a ticket open with Tado and we've been exchanging emails. They see the problem clearly enough, but no solution offered so far.