Wireless temp sensor drains batteries in less than a month

Hello folks,

Has this happened to anyone else? I installed the wireless temp sensor at the beginning of May and got a low battery notification today. Tado support's advice is to change the batteries and see what happens and that there's nothing abnormal with the unit.

That seems very odd to me. Clearly it's doing something to drain the batteries. It has no problem connecting to the bridge, but I wonder if it's been stuck trying to update itself. I uninstalled it from the Tado app and reinstalled it, and the low battery notification was still there, so it seems to be genuine.

Hoping a new set of batteries will solve the problem but any suggestions welcome.



  • Herres
    Herres ✭✭✭
    Good advice from support.
    It will show wether the sensor is malfunctioning or the old batteries.
  • Sometimes it is just a matter of reseating the batteries. Maybe just improper contact. I had that on one of my valves.
  • Thanks Andre. Looks like it's totally dead now. Will see what happens tomorrow when I get new batteries.