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I am looking at replacing my current heating control system with Tado and would like to know it's compatibility. My house currently has a 2 zone(upstairs and downstairs) plus a hot water connection ( see image)

Upstairs we have radiators which are controlled individually and downstairs we have underfloor electric heating with multiple dial temp controllers. I am aware that Tado does not support electric underfloor heating which I am ok with and happy just to be able to control on/off and timing. Upstairs it would be great to have the temp controlled radiators. Is it possible to control multi radiators with a single wireless thermostat controller?

Overall the questions are does Tado work with my setup and does make sense to install it?



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    Tado do not have a direct replacement for 3 channel programmers.

    The simplest/cheapest option is to continue using the programmer for hot water control and set the heating to Always On for both radiator zones. Replace both wired thermostats with tado wired wall thermostats and you will have full control of your heating. You will need to purchase the wired thermostat starter kit, plus an add-on wired thermostat. You can add smart TRVs if you want to.

    If you must have hot water control you will need to employ an electrician to re-wire the heating system to work with a 2 channel wireless receiver and a single wired thermostat. I imagine this cost will exceed any savings from having smart control of hot water. Just remember to manually turn off the hot water when you go away on holiday.

    If you only want to control a single heating zone then you can replace just the one thermostat and set the one zone to Always On.


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    If this system works fine it needs a very good reason to change it for Tado.

  • Thanks for the response. I don't think tado is the system for me then.