Underfloor heating and Tado

We're choosing a new boiler and are building an extension.

The extension will have wet underfloor heating

The existing house will have radiators (all already controlled by Tado TRV's and Thermostats)

Then there is Hot Water Storage Tank too.

So can Tado cope with Underfloor on 1 channel, Radiators on another and Hot Water on a 3rd?


  • I'm in exactly the same boat. This kind of helps: https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3482224-how-does-tado-control-underfloor-heating-systems

    but tbh i'm still a bit lost.

  • Yes I have this. S Plan heating configuration. 3 zone valves, 1 for the water tank, 1 for the radiators circuit and 1 for the UFH circuit. The Tado thermostat for each UFH zone is wired to the UFH controller. The controller then controls the manifold actuators, pump, boiler firing and actuator. The radiator and HW thermostats are wireless and connects to the tado controller which then controls the boiler, pump and zone valves.