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I have a Tado system I bought in 2014 to run the heating in a holiday home in France (I live in London UK). It consists of a Smart Thermostat, a Temperature sensor and a Bridge.

The temperature sensor is a wireless unit run by a battery charged by a small solar panel, I think the battery is beginning to lose its ability to keep its charge. Is it possible to replace this sensor with something new? If so what do you suggest? I dont want to add anything else such as radiator taps or A/C>

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    From your description I believe you have the V1 system. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the current range of devices. If you cannot replace the battery you will need an upgrade.

    Contact Tado directly on their chat service to see what your options are. In the past they have offered discounts for legacy users to upgrade to the newest kit.


  • Thanks for your help, will do.

  • It’s a LIR2450 rechargeable coin battery.
    Just replaced mine.
    As if throwing away your entire v1 setup was practical advice.