Summer mode that keeps valves open to avoid blocking them

Hi Tado Team,

As I mentioned in a small thread in French (see, it could be great to have a "summer mode" that keeps valves open rather than closed during mild/hot seasons. The reason behind is that the valve of old heaters usually get stuck during summer if they remain closed ... This situation implies a teddious operation every year: remove every Tado-blocks when Winter is coming (!), hit the small heater-valve until its released from the heater-block, then mount back the Tado-blocks.

So a very nice feature would be an option to have a "summer mode" that keeps valve open, besides the "off mode" that keeps them closed.

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    I have a 100 years old heaters at home.
    And during hot seasont, he trick is to let all tado-blocks set to the maximum (25degres). Unfortunately my stats will shows 2,5 months with full non stop consumption.
    C’mon @Tado, you created such a smart system, an easy summer mode might not be difficult to implement.
  • Choucou
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    I have the same problem, it will be great to add a Summer mode to open and close the valves one time the week.