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Setting valves to levels instead of temperature

I think it would be useful to have the opportunity to set the valves to a certain level of openness that you know is comfortable for you (5 levels as in manual valves) so the problem of the crazy temperatures displayed in the app and the offset would be solved and also, we wouldn't have to arrange creative empirical solutions by setting offsets and unreal target temperatures as widely discussed in this community.
At the moment I have a -3.5 offset and 17° target temperature and the real temperature in the rooms is above 19°. Another example. In the reading room I set the temperature to 22° with a -3,5 offset but the radiator is behind a table so of course the heat gets partly reflected back. If I'm cold and I want to adjust the temperature to 25° the valve won't open. So I have to start the impractical process of adjusting the offset so that the valve will be induced to feel a lower temperature. It sounds a very complicated way to solve a simple problem. And of course, I can't change the furniture position in the house because the valves work erratically...
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