Using Tado for controlling an heat pump both for warming and cooling

I was quite a happy Tado user in my old traditional house with a normal heater, yet now I am moving to a new house where there shall be a heat pump to warm and cool pipings under the floor. I was suggested to invert the NC and NO cables in summer so to have Tado working on the reverse. Yet this would not work when windows are open or people are away as it will try to switch it off and, having reversed the cables instead it switches it on, so wasting a lot of energy. Consequently it would be needed for Tado to provide a pristine implementation able to control an heat pump both for warming and cooling but in any case switching it off when condition arise like when opening windows or being away. As a matter of fact those shortcomings all put hamper the usage of Tado in such a configuration and Tado should think twice before losing so many clients.
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