Disable Tado when I'm on a different WIFI

Hi there,

I am currently paying auto-assist, because both me and my wife have the tado app and we want to activate heating only when we're both at home.

The problem is that I go to work to an office that is just at the side of my house (less than 200 meters). This means that, when my wife exits, I am still considered at home, and the heating doesn't stop.

  • I am thinking of many ways to solve this problem, for example by writing a small script to automate this (I am a developer), BUT probably the easiest solution would be to implement such a feature: when I am connected to a certain wifi network, DO NOT consider myself at home.

This is opposite to a feature that is already implemented, i.e. consider me at home when I connect to some WIFIs.

Is this something doable?

Thank you