Weird Tado installation with District Heating and Underfloor Heating

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A few friends advised me to get a Tado, and after reading about it I decided to go with it. But in the end, I am frustrated because I don't understand how I can achieve my goals, I feel fooled by 2 companies, and spent A LOT of money.

I have district heating and underfloor heating at home, with a single zone.

I hired a company to do the installation. They installed a Wireless Thermostat in the living room, and a Smart Radiator Thermostat controlling the district heating hot water flow to the UFH manifold. This setup kinda works: when I turn the temperature up in the thermostat, the Smart Radiator Thermostat opens and warm water starts flowing through the manifold and in the UFH.

This seems completely wrong to me. The Smart Radiator Thermostat is next to the district heating mixing box and to the power distribution box, which is a warm area the whole time (temperature rarely ever drop below 25C).

I decided then to hire another company to have a look into it. They actually said this is correct, but I am really not satisfied with it. Installing a thermostat there makes little to no sense to me. Also, this greatly limits what I can do with the system. In particular, I would like to have a multi-zone installation, and this seem to go completely against that, since in the end the thermostat can be added to one room at a time.

Also, it seems weird to me that Tado knows nothing about the water temperature circling the UFH. How does it know when to open the valve?


  1. Is this installation correct? If not, what is the right way?
  2. How can I have multi-zone? I know I need to install electric actuators on the manifold, but what is needed?
  3. How can I shutdown the UFH pump? There is no point in running it if the system is off.

Pictures of the district heating distribution box and the Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat installed next to it.


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    Herres ✭✭✭

    Yes, the installation is correct and common. Your configuration has been set in such a way that the wireless thermostat is the room temperature sensor, the radiator thermostat is following that signal.

    It seems strange indeed there is no regulation of the water temperature. How was this done before the Tado installation? If the water is too hot it can cause damage to your floor.

    Dont understand what you want to do with multi zoning if you have a 1-zone installation.

    You can buy a floorheating switch for about €45 to spare electricity cost. It wil switch off a floor heating pump. But on your pictures there is no pump visible. So cannot say much about this.