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Exceed the maximum value to ‘unlimited’ instead of 25 degrees celsius

Currently the maximum setting (high) for each device is 25 degrees celsius. In the same way you can put the lowest setting to ‘Off’ there is a need to have a setting for the highest value of ‘Unlimited’ or ‘Full’ or ‘Open’ Instead of the limit of 25 degrees celsius.

This is for instance needed during summer when the temperature is already high in the bath room but still need the radiator (temporarily) working to dry your wet towels.

Also in some cases you want to test the central heating / boiler in the summer but cannot due to the temperature being 25 degrees celsius or higher.

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  • RvRRvR
    augustus 2019 aangepast
    Agree with arienklomp.

    Due to the fact I installed my new radiators incl. piping, I would like to test the new system.

    Unfortunately it’s not possible due to higher temperatures then 25 degrees in all rooms
  • I singed up just to vote for this!!. I now need to set the correction factor to a negative value to get this working.
  • Helemaal eens. 25 graden max is vreemd. Óf een hogere max temp bijv 30 graden óf gewoon vol aan, onbeperkt. Desnoods met vragen om extra bevestiging
  • I need it to be just the other way around.

    I have 16 radiators in my guesthouse and people are putting the heat up till 25C in winter in their room. I need to be able to set a variable maximum instead of 25C.

    I can imaging that people with young kids have the same issue.

    This unlimited/variable setting is really no big development thing. Instead of hard value 25C, let the App give the value. .. I would think.

    (asking this for over 1 year now)

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