Ik heb de afwezigheidsmodus ingeschakeld, als we allebei afwezig zijn dan zie ik in de app inderdaad afwezig staan. Ik ben nog niet langer weggeweest dan een paar uur maar heb wel een idee dat het werkt. Alleen in de app zie ik bij besparingen nog steeds nul uren staan. Klopt dat? Of wordt dat aan het eind van de maand pas aangegeven als een totaal.? En anders zou het dus niet werken. Overigens ik heb een abbo


  • Hey there @rob & @Jurriaan
    Is there a problem with the selection of Country in th forum........I keep seeing posts from European countries in their local language.......?? 🤔
  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    @GrayDav4276 These comments are usually in Dutch. Dutch people are known to also read/do an internet search/comment in English. So, that they find this language section is not surprising at all. I suspect this to be the cause. As in; user error.

    My hypothesis is:

    1. If there is a problem with the forum, then we'd see more posts in German than in Dutch as there are more German forum users. We'd also see German in the Italian forum, French in the Dutch forum, and so on.
    2. If it's user error (=more users accidentally post in the wrong language section), then we'd see more Dutch than German posts in the English forum, and we'd see very few if any wrong-language posts on the other language boards.

    I'm convinced it's #2, as I'm not seeing any proof of #1.

    The over-abundance of Dutch posts in the EN forum can be explained by the Dutch frequently visiting EN language websites. Unlike people who have IT/FR/ES and to a lesser extent DE as a native language.

    All we can do is moderate.

  • @Rob
    I'm sure that you are correct about "user error"
  • @Rob one issue with the forum might be, that if you select “Recente discussies” a mix of Dutch and English topics is shown, regardless of the language setting on the top of the page.

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Yes, that problem has started a couple of months ago. Before that, Dutch users got only Dutch postings, but then we saw those English postings, mainly those that complain about some other user.

    That part really has to be fixed.