Radiator button always little open to prevent issues with central heating system

I've installed Tado since a month now and found out it creates a problem with my Itho Kli-max2 system. Sometimes it closes al the radiator vales at the same time. Which is good ofcourse, but for my specific system Itho this causes it to go into error mode and stop producing heat.

For this a feature to have the smart radiator buttons aways be open for example 10% on a specific radiator would fix this problem. It would be ideal if you could set it yourself in the app and adjust this percentage per device.
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  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Has been suggested before, Tado does not consider it a good idea and insists on installing a bypass.

    (I think it would be clever to keep radiator valves open when the boiler is commanded to shut down, and only when there is a room which requires heat change the valve states and re-start the boiler. but they do not agree)

  • Dragunov
    Dragunov ✭✭✭

    Most new installations have a Bypass

  • I've got a Bypass in my system. But last year my gasboiler is renewed.

    The new boiler has another type of pump and I've got a lot of problems. Especially when a lot of Tados are closed.

    After lowering the resistance of the Bypass the problem was solved, but now the waterfow in some radiadors was becoming to low.

    Now an open distributor and a second regulated pump is installed and the system is working smoothly.
    The boiler has no interruptions anymore. When it was cold outside in the morning the house is becoming much faster on temperature.

    Before, the water temperature was high but the boiler was interrupted a lot of times. Now the temperature is regulated, while the boiler burns all the time.

    So I resume I'm using less gas now.
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