HomeKit Integration: Remove Device and Batterie Status


Hi Tado,

i use Homekit only for your devices. so far all good i miss 2 things.

a) i can't remove a device (SmartThermostat) once i have it paired to homekit via bridge.. workaround remove the bridge, but then i looses all my automatisations and devices, a clear NoGo, Workaround #2 i put the obsolete, broken device(s), in a garbage room, not a clean solution but the only usable one.

b) the Batterie status is not available in HomeKit adding this would also be welcomed and "smart"

Clearly i can workaround the missing features but as a smart device supplier i would expect also smart solutions, not able to remove a device is bad, monitoring batteries should also be in there by design.

i'm aware that both wishes are within the Tado APP but i'm not using it i use HomeKit solo and you provide this integration so please also add basic administration to it (remove of devices and monitor abtterie health)

Thank You

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