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How do I ensure rads without smart TRVs are heated when rooms with smart TRVs are all warm enough?

I have some rooms with Smart TRVs and some without (i.e. old fashioned manual radiator thermostats).  How do I ensure the boiler continues to run such that the non 'smart' rooms are heated if the 'smart' rooms are all warm enough such that there is no call for heat from those smart TRVs?


  • Hi @peterjfw

    If your boiler is controlled by tado°, then it can't know what the temperature is in rooms that aren't fitted with a tado° thermostat. You would either need to keep the call for heat in a tado° controlled zone on by setting a higher temperature, or add at least one Smart Radiator Thermostat to these rooms.

    Please do note that there is currently a system limit of a maximum of 10 zones if you are using an Extension Kit.

    For further assistance in resolving this, please contact support.

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