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What's the command for returning tado to schedule via Google Assistant?

I can't locate a Google Assistant command to return the heating to schedule. I've tried commands using "auto" and "schedule" which are both available thermostat attributes but nothing works. Is there a working command to achieve this, and if not, why not?

I'm particularly interested in being able to set all rooms back to schedule as part of my end of day routine.


Smart Home TemperatureSetting Trait Schema



  • Hello Ditsy,

    Google Assistant doesn't support that feature. You can define the duration of the controls you send from google assistant using the setting "Manual Control in the tadoº device" in the settings section of the app, as the smart home integration commands are recognized as manual commands sent from the device itself.

    If you set it with a timer or "Until next time block", once this command is over it will come back to the schedule.



  • Thanks I'm aware of the manual control duration options, whilst helpful they can't be added to a Google Assistant routine.

    Google Assistant does support returning to schedule, as you can see on the page I linked. Additionally I was able to use Google Assistant to instruct the Hive heating system to return to schedule/auto.

    It appears that tado haven't written this into their Google Assistant integration however. Do you have plans to implement it?

  • Are there any plans to finish the Google Assistant implementation?

  • Not sure whether an update has been made, but I've now discovered that ""OK Google, turn off all manual control" will return the entire system to Schedule. This is really helpful as we have a Google Assistant "good night" routine that we trigger at whatever variable time we end the day and it will ensure that all manual overrides are cancelled.

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