Ideal vogue max boiler ignoring request for heating

edited October 2021 in Technical Questions

We have had a new central heating system and boiler put in - a system boiler. I have installed the wireless tado, extension etc according to the instructions. The hot water works fine but the heating will not work. The thermostat calls for heat, the programmer’s light comes on asking the boiler for heat but then nothing, the boiler does not fire up. There is nothing wrong with the boiler as we had tested it on a traditional wired programmer first. I have checked in the settings that the extension kit is set as the zone controller and it is. The radiator valves are all open so no problem here. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • I’m getting the same issue after moving to a house. Trying to set my old tado up on the new system.

    Swapped out a EPH controller, replicated wiring.

    Tado’s not firing boiler..
  • All sorted now, boiler was still connected to old thermostat wiring!