Can I put Tado radiator thermostats on all my radiators?


Can I put radiator thermostats on all my radiators and then control the boiler from them individually or do I still need a wall mounted Tado stat?

I have 3 zones with motorised valves with Tado wall stats controlling them. I also have 3 Tado radiator valves with in these zones.


  • The Tado thermostat doesn't control the TRV's, it controls the boiler. If you only have the thermostat and the TRV's (along with the wireless access point), then yes you still need the thermostat to tell the boiler to fire.

    Although, you don't necessarily need the thermostat in a main room for example, this could be wired in next to the boiler if you didn't want to see it.

    Bear in mind you shouldn't really put TRV's on every single radiator unless you know for certain that there is an automatic bypass valve on the central heating system. Most systems including Tado shut the valves before turning off the boiler (should be the other way around if you ask me). If all the TRV's close then the pump will be trying to pump the water around and the water will not be able to go anywhere. Combi's do tend to have built in bypass valve, but personally I wouldn't trust these as large combis can kick out lots of heat and there is no-way the bypass can dissipate the heat properly to prevent damage It's usually best to leave a radiator or two without TRV's to prevent this issue.

  • You can only control 10 valves independently, so that's a practical limit.

  • Thanks for your replies.

    Gary333. I have a auto bypass on the system and a towel rail so shouldn't be an issue.

    Do I still need to have the Tado stat on a time schedule if I move it to the boiler location?

    If I have the trv's assigned to individual rooms on separate schedules they don't appear to be communicating with the wall stat to fire the boiler. Unless I'm missing something.