How to use Tado with HomeKit.

When I first bought Tado, a big feature that appealed to me was the ability to connect to HomeKit. I have done that and all my devices appear in HomeKit but I’m not sure I’m using it to its full potential because I’m not sure what its full potential is..

I know I can ask Siri to adjust a temperature in a room but could I maximise the scenes/ automations feature of HomeKit but wouldn’t that just be the same thing as the schedule that I have set up in the Tado app?

In the time that I’ve had Tado I, like many, have had issues with ‘no remote access’ and I was wondering if I could use HomeKit to provide some sort of back up schedule and if I did this and/ or utilised automations and scenes, would this interfere with my whole Tado setup.

Are there any other benefits of using HomeKit?



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    When it comes to controlling Tado°, HomeKit offers only limited number of options.

    See here:

    I recommend adding more devices- example Zigbee 3.0 compatible sensors / hubs from Aqara. You will be able to build more automation, but to control device remotely, not from your local Wifi / LAN home network you need Apple TV (with tvOS 10.2 or later) or an iPad (with iOS 10.3 or later) or HomePod set up as a home hub.

    Tado° in this instance can be used as a temperature sensor (humidity not supported yet)
  • Hi all,

    I'm also very keen to use the homekit - but I have a specific use case in mind.

    The SRVs are inside a rad cover and no amount of playing with the offset gives me a reliable reading. It's either on too soon, or off too early. I would like use my Xiaomi temp sensors to create an automation (ie. set the main smart thermostat temp up to call for heat)

    problem I have is that when I scan the bridge from the home app, it detects the code - but then times out after 10mins as it can't detect the device. Its a V3 bridge (DIB01-TA-06) - connected via ethernet to the same router as the homekit hub (latest gen Ipad). I've tried also to manually enter the code but with the same result.

    Firstly would be good to know if this automation that I describe should work? and then any tips or workaround for getting the bridge to be detected ?

    Thanks in advance.


  • There is one point in the Home app that says (when you get the 'my accessory isn't show here' error) - you should make the device discoverable.

    I know that in the Tado app there's the 'activate pairing' option which I thought is only for associating the bridge with the thermostat. Other than that I don't se any other way to make the bridge 'discoverable'...

    I guess I must be missing something obvious or?...

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    If HomeKit does not detect Tado° go for hard reset.

    Your Xiaomi temp sensors - are they Zigbee / Bluetooth? Do they appear in the HomeKit app?
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    Thanks for the advice. My sensors are connected via the Mi Smart Gateway hub via wifi (not BT maybe zigbee) and yes - they do appear in the Homekit app. It's just the TADO kit that doesn't want to join my home.

    Took your advice - Reset the bridge to factory - unfortunately still not recognised by homekit -😫

    Anything else you could suggest that's worth trying? I'm pretty sure that a year or so ago I had this connected to an old homekit home (long since gone). The factory reset should have killed any association shouldn't it?

    Thanks - Kev

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    @kevinshepherd iOS 15 by the chance?

  • Evening Raf,

    Actually no, it's IpadOS 14.7 - not the latest update.

    Hoping that if I eventually manage to get the Tado into the Homekit it will be worth it...

    if eventually I won't be able to get the Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor to trigger the heating would be a shame to have invested time on this when the Tado app by itself is pretty good...

    Thanks for any advice.

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    @kevinshepherd If hard reset won't help call Apple, they can reset your Home app. You may need to set up all your sensors again, but that's not a big deal.