One Smart Radiator has Intermittent No Remote Access

Hi, I have been happily using my Smart Thermostat and five Smart Radiator Thermostats for a while.

During the summer I have had to relocate my Router and as such the location of my Internet Bridge has changed too.

Now that the nights have got colder and we have started using the heating again we have noticed a problem with the Smart Radiator in our Nursery; it intermittently loses connection and we get notifications and can see that it shows ‘No Remote Access’. It does come back on (in the App) but there is not pattern to it.

Im unsure whether the radiator actually switches off when it loses connectivity as this happens in the middle of the night.

It has fresh batteries in it and the firmware is up todate and so I am assuming the issue is the distance / thickness of the walls between the router / Internet bridge and the Smart Radiation valve in the Nursery. Our Nursery has a 2ft solid stone wall and is on a different floor in the house.

Given this is the Nursery, I really need to sort this out quickly. All other TADO devices work fine and I can’t really move the Internet Bridge (or radiator!).


Can I have two Internet Bridges?


  • You cannot have two bridges in a system. To conserve battery life the devices have a limited communication range. A 2ft thick wall will undoubtedly absorb a lot of the radio signal. Your options are to put the router and bridge back to their original position, or only put the bridge in its original position and use a long Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.

  • Hi @CMA71
    Firstly.... Tado doesn't facilitate the use of a second IB
    You can work out if it is the "position" of your nursery's SRT that is the issue by swapping over this SRT with one of your other SRT's that connects properly.
    If the replacement SRT loses connection, then it is (unfortunately) due to the physical distance/position of your nursery radiator/SRT.
    You may have to continue to experiment with the position of the Tado Internet Bridge to achieve connection.
  • Just a couple of follow up questions:

    1. When a SRT that is ‘on’ and say heating to 20 degrees loses connectivity - does the loss of connection mean that the radiator will turn off and stop heating? Or does it just mean that I cannot see the status in the App and/or control it remotely until it reconnects?

    2. Does the IB need to be plugged into the ‘main’ router? Or can it plugged into a wireless access point that has an Ethernet socket? If so could I run a set of Powerline Adapters into the difficult to reach room and plug the IB into that?

    Many thanks.
  • I am also interested in answers to these questions as I see intermittent loss of connection in some "far" units in an old large house and I have other 3rd party bridges (with available Ethernet ports) that help with other Internet connection.