Will Tado work with my multi zone Worcest Bosch Combi Boiler set up, including EMS modulation?

I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact 32, which I believe uses the EMS Bus language, so I've been looking for a Smart Thermostat that can properly modulate my combi boiler.

I've heard the Tado can do EMS control. But since I have a multi zone set up (upstairs and downstairs zones), I'd like to confirm that it'd work, and what I need to buy.

I've not looked at my boiler wiring yet (house is a new build) but it looks like my thermostats have Live and Neutral (brown and grey wires) and the Live Return for heating (black wire) to the wall thermostats in the living room and master bedroom, as seen in the photo. This confuses me as I thought the C wire was 24V, not 240V! Scary having 240V just behind that thin plastic case.

If I get a tado wireless extension kit and 2 wall thermostats, would I be able to hook up the wirless extension kit's ems wiring to the boiler and have both the wired thermostats talk to it to control their own zones (with proper modulation)?

I'm just a bit confused about the wiring. I want to make sure the wired thermostats don't need the EMS wiring. And I'm not sure how multizone valves are wired up to the extension kit.