Has anyone replaced a Siemens RDE 10.1DHW with a Tado Wired Smart Thermostat?

Good day all,

I have found the instructions on how to replace a Siemens RDE 10.1 with a Wired Smart Thermostat.

It's actually quite simple transferring the cables Q12 to NC, Q14 to NO, and Q11 to COM according to Tado's instructions:

Siemens RDE10.1

Tado Wired Smart Thermostat

My existing thermostat is a Siemens RDE 10.1DHW which has an additional function for hot water. So, there is an additional relay which is seen below in the port Q24:

Siemens RDE10.1DHW

I would suppose that the heating relays Q12, Q14 and Q11 (L) are the same as above. However, I don't know if the Q22, Q24 can (should?) be connected in the Wired Smart Thermostat and if yes, then at which ports?

Any advices would most oblige!