Extender no longer available?

I've just bought a starter kit with a wireless receiver - this seems to be the only option now in the UK.
However this only appears to support relay on/off, whereas the extender (as far as I can ascertain) supports OpenTherm and eBus. This is what attracted me to Tado in the first place! Is this correct? If so, how do I get an extender? Or is there a newer version of the wireless receiver which supports OpenTherm etc?
My model number is V3P-SK-WTS01WRP01

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    You're correct, the UK Wireless Receiver only supports relay on/off control. Apparently the European version supports OpenTherm and eBus (but not relay control). I managed to get a new Extension Kit from eBay recently which supports both, so you might be able to find one there, alternatively the wired thermostat also supports OpenTherm and eBus.


  • Thanks for confirming. I've found one on eBay so I'll buy that, and then I guess the wireless receiver I have will go on there itself. 😉

  • Hi, I think that I will have to source an extension kit on Ebay to support Opentherm if I finally decide to opt for Tado.

    I think it's ridiculous that the OT option is not available in UK. I have seen several kits on Ebay, but would be grateful to know the part number on the kits that you finally purchased so I don't end up with the wrong one.


  • @chrisy @pcoenen@pcone I didnt realise that if you are tagged that you get an email notification. Would be extremely grateful if you could check which extension kits you have that allowed you to use Opentherm.


  • I have the Wired Smart Thermostat, bought from Amazon in the UK, and it was (until I reverted back to Relay mode) able to control my Vaillant Ecotec 831 Plus combi boiler using eBus.

    I can't speak for other models of thermostat or boiler.

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    @chrisy @pcone I also managed to source an extension kit from Ebay and have a quick query about powering the kit.

    I know the two wires go from the low voltage connection on the kit to the Opentherm connections on my boiler, however to power the actual box do I wire it to the 230v supply on the boiler or can I power it directly from the fused spur next to the boiler in the garage?


  • @Blootoon I think mine just had two cables from EMS - didn't need any additional power.

    I believe you need to select the right boiler in the app when you set it up so (a) it will give you the instructions on which wires to connect and (b) if I've got this right it will switch it to the correct protocol.

  • For Opentherm, I think you need a separate 230v supply. Mine is tied to the 230v terminals on the boiler.

    Some other digital connections provide enough power for the Exension Kit directly, so will depend on your boiler