Zone Setup advice

Good Morning,

I am looking for some advice on my setup and if the changes I am planning will actually work!

Current Setup

I have a single zone central heating system that has 1 x wired Smart Thermostat. Downstairs I do NOT have any Smart Radiator Valves attached to any of the downstairs radiators, just normal TRV's and I can not get approval from the good lady to change them as we have an old house with cast iron rads and traditional TRV's etc.

Upstairs I have Smart Radiator Valves witch are all added to a singe room, but with no Zone Controller so that Upstairs cannot call for heat. They are used to turn upstairs off during the day only.

This all works well and has done for a number of years and I avoid heating the whole house during the day when we are working from home and at night the house works as a normal single zone with TRV's.

Proposed Setup

Downstairs I have a room that is cold and I am looking to install a Wireless Temperature Sensor create a new room and configure the zone controller to be the Smart Wired Thermostat.

So my question is:

Will the heating still turn on when the wireless temperature sensor calls for heat even if the Wired Smart Thermostat is not calling for heat?

Thank you in advance.