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I found the temperature graph lacking zoom and pointing (to have a more precise idea of the time when browsing the item).

I had a Netatmo before and their graph was a little bit more usable.



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  • Sale here. Had the Vaillant eRelax before. You could go in much more detail. Zooming and pointing would ben a big plus.
  • Love the product so far, but this is also my biggest frustration with it. The graph looks cool but is pretty useless. Would love to see more details, like the exact temperature on an exact minute. Also displaying multiple days would be super handy. Like a selector that can select a from and a till period.

  • If you click/tap on the graph you can see the inside temperature, humidity, outdoor temp, cloud cover, sunshine, rain, nighttime and heat demand for every minute of the day. There's quite a bit of detail; it lacks multi day/zone viewing but I wouldn't describe the graph feature as useless.

  • Awesome, you are right! There is a lot more details, I have to tab and hold for a second to see them on my iPhone. I wasn't aware of this feature. This make the graph a lot more usefull. Thanks!

  • Or just the ability to dump the data into an Excel readable file. It’s very odd that this is not available
  • agree, graph can be better and so you could download.