Setting Up Tado with UFH and Radiators with Vaillant Combi Boiler.

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Hoping someone can help me here... I'm a pretty capable individual with DIY having done a few home renovations myself... however when it comes to this Tado system (which I have already purchased...) I'm kind of in limbo on how to set this up...

Setup thus far.

Boiler = Combi - Vaillant.

I have a 6 way manifold with pump and 6 x tado Smart Radiator valves (1 for each zone) setup and ready to plumb into the main lines of the combi boilers central heating loop.

Each smart radiator valve (on the manifold) will control a zone (room) that will have a wireless temperature senor (paired respectively with its smart radiator valve on the manifold) the temperature sensor in each room will be set as primary temperature sensor too.

I have 4 additional radiators upstairs with Tado smart radiator valves already installed. These will be set to be the primary temperature sensors for their respective rooms.

everything is wireless

What I need help with:

I was told that in order for the UFH manifold to NOT become a bypass for the rest of the central heating upstairs... I need to install a 2 port valve RATHER than what I have put in place 22mm ball valves...(my understanding is... the 2 port valve is required so that the valve only opens when ANY of the wireless temperature sensors for the UFH in the rooms downstairs call for heating, to allow heat to start flowing to the UFH manifold pump to then flow to the respective room that called the heat.

How do I wire up BOTH a 2 port valve AND the Manifold pump so that the tado system controls

  1. When the UFH manifold pump is turned on or off.
  2. When the 2 port valve is open or closed when heating is called for by ANY of the downstairs room Tado Temperature sensors.


what will instruct UFH manifold pump to stop?

Is the assumption that I need a 2 Port valve correct?

Really appreciate help from anyone who can guide this humbled Tado new comer... show me the LIGHT!

Many thanks in advance



  • boiler model Vaillant EcoTec 831

    Picture of manifold with the Polypipe manifold pump

  • I have the same problem, there is a lot of people with the same problem on this forums, but they are all in individual threads.

    TADO help solving this!!!!
  • SO it seems that TADO does not want solutions to this problem... as I posted a possible work around and the post from this thread was deleted by one of the admins... not sure what any other reason there was to delete the post...

  • trying to come to a solution I was looking to use a temperature sensor switch plumbed into the inflow heat on the manifold pump so it turns on the pump when the temp reaches a certain degrees... and use a 22mm TRV valve as the 2 port valve with a Tado Smart radiator valve fitted

    The downside to this is the flow may be restricted to the UFH manifold slightly through the 22mm TRV valve but this will/could work in your favour as to naturally reduce the amount of heat flow that is bypassing the rest of the loop in your central heating(considering most manifolds sit near the boiler)... the downside would be it would take slightly longer to heat the under floor heating I would think due to the slightly limiting flow rate of the 22mm TRV valve.

    Not sure what happened to my reply to Matic... hope Tado aren't just deleting posts to avoid any work on their part lol

    Its literally a few lines of code by your dev team and some QA testing to fix this... OR you guys could just allow users to configure their own IFTTT config files.

  • Personally I use individual room manifolds (Circoflow pro) in conjunction with a tado wired room Thermostat.

  • Personally I use individual room manifolds (Circoflow pro) in conjunction with a tado wired room Thermostat.

    I had Polypipe individual manifolds for 2 rooms before but it works out more expensive both in manifolds and pumps needed for 6 zones... and then the added electric cost of running each. ALSO not sure about the Circoflow you mentioned but with the polypipe ones I had, you still need to use the old radiator flow pipes and plug them into the manifold for that room... thus still taking up a little wall space little eye sore in each room if your trying to go for a clean look all around the house.

    Update on my system

    Might not be conventional approach but I got it working by overriding the boiler(for now)... works perfectly tbh... the 22mm trv as a smart zone valve works as i like it to as well, might not work for everyone but whenever there is heat called in my house its always everywhere and the flow to the rest of the house loop has been tweaked to accommodate to UFH flow.

    I just need to wire up the Tado Extension kit wireless receiver to control the boiler for heating so that the boiler only fires up when one of the smart thermostats calls for it. This where I am not confident to do this blind.