Wireless underfloor


Is wireless underfloor heating compatibility currently being developed by tado at all or is it ruled out?

My upstairs is tado controlled but my downstairs is currently wireless underfloor and I do not want to upgrade to a different smart heating company.


  • Doubt tado will bring in support for this.

    But there is a potential way around - replace the wireless wiring center with a wired one, mount wired states locally to it and wire using 2-core cable, then use remote temp sensors in the rooms with each wired smart stat linked to the wired ones. Use them for my radiator stats but assume they work with smart stats the same way - cant see why they wouldn't.

    Just need to find an appropriate wiring centre that works with tado and your actuators. I can confirm the JG Aura 230v one works with tado and JG/Uponor actuators (and in theory any).

  • I have same issue as do many others with Tado... I'm setting it up currently, wirelessly... just need a way to get a 2 port valve to work with the Tado system... do any of you know how to wire one up to the Tado Wireless Extension kit? I have a combi boiler.

    As most UFH manifold sit close to the boiler... I've been told I need a 2 port valve to prevent the boiler heat flow bypassing the rest of the central heating circuit. so the valve opens when heat is called for by any of the UFH zones.

    Here is what I have done thus far hope it can help your situation too:

    • Used Tado Smart radiator Thermostats on the manifold one for each zone... I've also wired a temperature sensor switch onto the 22mm INFLOW to the pump (on the manifold) this will turn on the pump when the temp hits a certain C mine is set to 42C.
    • I have Tado wireless temperature sensors setup up in each of the UFH rooms, these are set on the Tado app to be the primary heat sensors and are paired/grouped respectively with their Tado smart radiator thermostats installed on each of the manifold zones.
    • I was considering using a 22mm TRV valve just before the temperature sensor switch for the inflow onto the manifold as a stand in for a 2 port valve but no one seems to be able to answer the question I've been asking:

    Is it possible to have multiple Tado wireless temperature SENSORS control the SAME single Tado Smart radiator thermostat independently ? so they could each independently request that Tado Smart radiator thermostat to open or close.

    If that question is answered it would conclude if you can use a TRV valve as a 2 port stand in so the entire system is wireless and FULLY Tado managed rather than having 3rd party hardware.