Able to shut off downstairs rads while upstairs ones on?

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Hi all,

I just want to verify I can do the following before I shell out for the extra radiator controllers and thermostats.

Currently I have a Tado wireless smart thermostat working great.

I have a log burner and open plan downstairs. When the log burner is on, the whole of the downstairs is warmed from it, but upstairs gets cold.

What I want is for the upstairs radiators to be heated before daughters bedtime, while the downstairs radiators stay cold. There is only 2 main large downstairs radiators.

My plan is add an additional wireless thermostat upstairs, so that it can schedule the boiler to come on, in addition to two smart radiator thermostats for the two main rads downstairs, that will be controlled via the downstairs wall thermostat.

When the downstairs thermostat says no need for heat, will it close off the smart radiator valves, while the upstairs thermostat fires the boiler?

Many thanks!


  • For anyone wondering, this did work as planned.

    The upstairs on wall thermostat can call for heat scheduled, or manually and the radiator valves downstairs keep the downstairs rads stone cold. Very pleased with it.

    My only complaint would be that you can't set .5 degree values directly via the wireless thermostats. It shows the current measured temp to .1 degree, but you can't set any finer than whole degree. Would be better if up and down buttons went in 0.5 increments.

    Otherwise you're forced to use phone or accept a whole degree more if you want it bumping up.