Replace Danfoss9000 with tado - including HWC

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I'm struggling for some time now to figure out if tado° V3 supports hot water control.
I have hot water pump & heating in my apartment. Heating itself is a black-box to me.
But I have three wires at my home connected to current Danfoss9000
1 - input 230V
2 - Heating control
3 - hot water pump control

I can't seem to find any info on whether I will be able to control my hot water with my setup or not.

Thanks for any answer.

If that matters - I'm in Slovakia. Not sure if hardware/software is same all across. With Nest e.g. it varies...


  • The UK variant of the wireless receiver has HW control and is a replacement for the TP9000. The variant of the wireless receiver commonly sold in Europe does not have HW control, but has digital bus control instead. You’ll have to check with the Tado support team which one is sold in your country.

  • Yeah, that's what the local reseller told me too. Unfortunately he was not able to order the UK version (he says he just can't do so.... 🙄 )

    Anyways, I tried to order this from Amazon UK. Funny thing is that this way it's cheaper including all the shipping & taxes.

    I'll see if it works well. Hopefully does because finding system that controls radiator valves & hot water is pain in the ***

    I had good experience with older tado ( i think v1 or v2...? ) and honestly I do not understand this limitation. The same goes for Nest. US version can control heating, hw, AC, drive your car, make a sandwich.. EU version does 10% of stuff.

    Thanks for Your answer though! Nice to have it confirmed.