Tado setup in multi-floor house with floor heating and normal radiators

Currently we are renovating our home and we were thinking about making it multi-zone.

Ground floor would be heated by water floor heating. It is one big room (over 50m2) where we would want to put tado Smart Thermostat in. Floor heating pump would be located in a basement and controlled by tado Smart Thermostat Valve.

On upper floors and attic we have 3 heaters where we would like to use tado Smart Thermostat Valve.

We would like ground floor tado Smart Thermostat to open floor heating valve in the basement and start the boiler (so in this case ST would have priority), while for other floors we would like Smart Valves to have priority and tell the thermostat at the ground floor to start the boiler.

Is this even possible?


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    Please contact tado° Customer Service via one of the following options: How can I contact tado°?

  • Hello,

    I’d like some help on deciding what kit I should buy to replace my current thermostats. I have two wired thermostat: one downstairs by the boiler which controls downstairs heating and hot water. One upstairs wall mounted that controls upstairs heating.

    What should I buy to replace my whole systems? Thanks in advance for your time.