Total Heat Time Incorrect?

I have one thermostat (called hallway upstairs) and a basic on/off boiler with no low/mid/high heating power control.

It displayed 16h43m of heating on Care Protect but in reality it was a lot less by looking at the graph.

The heat ||| symbol that indicated | low heating and || mid heating and ||| max heating does not correlate correctly to actual on/off usage.

Seems like a single low heat | is actually OFF but mid || and high ||| is actually ON.

Am I reading this wrong?


  • That's correct, only 1 bar is not calling for heat.
  • But if that is the case - why does it log over 16hrs of heat being called. Which is of no use to figure out how much time the boiler is running for!

  • I don't think that this metric has any value. It is meaningless.

    Is an hour at one bar the same as two bars or three bars? Is one room heating for eight hours the same as ten rooms heating for eight hours? Is heating to 18C the same as heating to 22C? What about if Tado says it's heating, but the boiler is off for anti-cycling? Is an hour with the flow temperature at 33C the same as an hour at 60C?

    And as if you could make any sense of the numbers, what use can you make of the information? Will you make decisions based on the heating hours in a day?

    Personally I'm interested in how many kWh I'm burning, not how long I'm burning a non specific variable number of them for.