Tado feature request: 8-10 degree C mode support


Hi, I have 2 Tado AC controllers. I have been pretty happy with the one in our house, and purchased a 2nd one last week for our summer cottage. We recently installed a new Panasonic AC-model in the cottage, and during the winter, the AC is set to 8 degrees C to keep the house dry and frost free.

I assumed that Tado would support the 8-10 deg C mode that the Panasonic AC is equipped with, however, as others in this discussion thread discovered, this seems not to be the case. For me as well as the many other Tado customers in the nordic countries this is a big drawback of the Tado AC controller. 

I see there has been at least one reaction from Tado technical support, saying that few have requested that this feature is added (discussion going back to 2019).

I will set up a poll with this name: "Tado feature request: 8-10 degree C mode support". Please vote to support this initiative, so we get this important feature on Tado's to-do list.


Jens, Denmark


  • Jens_P

    Additional comment:

    I have temporarily used the following 'workaround' to address this issue, but it has limitations and does not fix the issue.

    Tado technical support has not reacted to this post yet, even though it is clear that this issue is a vital flaw in the product for many users particularly in Scandinavia.

    In cases where you need to enable the 'frost free' 8-10 or 12 deg. celcius mode of your AC/heatpump during the winter in a remote cottage, I suggest the following approach until Tado fixes the problem:

    Put the heatpump into the 8-10 deg mode using the AC's remote control before you leave the cottage.

    You are now able to monitor the temperature and humidity in the cottage using Tado.

    When you plan to go to the cottage, use Tado to switch the AC into the regular 20-22 heat degree, however be aware that once you do this, you are not able to switch the AC back into the frost free mode.

  • Søren
    No news at all from Tado? Is it possible by using the API- interface?
  • lostdk

    I am in the same situation as you. Unfortunately tado isn’t very helpful to solve this minor problem. I suggest buying a climatech instead. I did and it works really well :-)

  • ChristianBuhl
    I would also like this feature!
  • Sunnanfjord

    I need this as well.

    Best Regards


  • MichielTado
    MichielTado ✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    You can actually use a simple workaround with two homekit automations (which requires a homehub device like the Apple TV or Homepod mini). Make two scenes, one to set the airco heating on 18 degrees celcius, and one to turn the airco heating off. Then make two automations:

    1- IF temp room (as measured by the Smart AC) < 8 degrees THEN turn on scene Airco on 18 degrees heating

    2- IF temp room >12 degrees THEN turn on scene Airco off

    You can include in the scene the fanspeed. For MhI aircos the most economic fanspeed is 2.

  • JonLar
    Yes I would also like to see this feature added or a way to add custom actions to be able to record ard repeat any IR signal.
  • Riki
    Given the times, is this something we could get? Is there a way to make feature requests to Tado?
  • DrEggman
    You can set this up using the Climate Control feature on the tado website, rather than using apple homekit.

    If temp drops below 8, enable heat mode. If temp goes above 10, turn it off.
  • cwl

    @DrEggman Can you please elaborate and instruct further? (I tried logging in to the webinterface of my Tado but I cannot find any place to set up such automations.)


  • DrEggman
    edited December 2022
    @cwl If you click the card for the room, then smart schedule, then choose a time block and on mine there is an option for Climate Control.

    Thinking about it though, it's still in "prototype" phase, so maybe not rolled out to everyone yet? Might be worth asking customer service if they can put you on the testing group?
  • Linas

    I have the same problem, that I have a heat pump air conditionair in summer house, to only work as a frost protection. I used Tado Climate control funcion, but I got email that this funcion will be canceled..

    Any ideas how to set up Tado for heating to only 8C degree?

  • Jens_P

    Thanks @DrEggman for explaining the Climate Control feature. I can not see it in my Tado app, however.

    It seems you can relatively easily join the Beta testing program (select 'More' in the bottom menu in the Tado app, click 'app beta program') - but it advises you that it will overwrite and potentially delete all data in your current app, so I dropped it again.

    Anyway, my comment is that the process you describe will effectively turn your heat pump/AC on/off a lot of times during the day, and I am pretty sure this is not healthy for your AC.

    The normal 8/12 degree program that eg. Panasonic heatpumps are equipped with, runs in a completely different way than the normal heat mode, the unit runs constantly and consumes much lower power than the normal heating mode.

    I am still very surprised that Tado has not bothered to respond to any of the many requests for this probably very easy fix to the app.

    However, as I wrote before, if you use the normal remote to put the AC into the 8/12 degree mode when you leave your cabin in the winter, then you can use the Tado app to remotely switch the AC off, and then into normal heating mode, so the house is warm when you arrive.

  • Jokrogh
    I am sorry to hear that the feature 10dg is not supported by tado. I have 4 tado ac controls, but one installed at ITV heatpump in Denmark.
    I switched to tado from a SMS Unit, without knowing the 10 dg feature didn’t work.
    I encourage tado to install an update with the feature as soon as possible.
  • Jens_P
    Jens_P ✭✭
    Thanks @Jokrogh, the number of requests are increasing, and hopefully Tado notices.
    I joined the beta-test program, and there seems to be quite a lot of updates to the Tado app, I will try to raise the flag concerning the 8/12 deg winter setting through that channel.
    Meanwhile I recommend to try the workaround I described in an earlier post 👍