How to stop tado AC controller v. 3 from turning from heat to cool

Hi, I just installed a AC controller to control a Panasonic heat pump. Basically, living in Norway, I wonly want this to heat, never to cool. However, the tado now and then changes the mode from heat to cool. Can I stop this in any way?


  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello BSA,

    The commands that are sent from the app will always keep the memory of your last settings, but it happens that manual commands from the device or from any of the integrated control assistants wouldn't have a memory of last setting and will default to the cool mode (as they are expected to be set as required in the moment you use it).

    If you are interested in a change in this aspect or some development that could prevent it, we'd appreciate that you open a poll in our Suggestions, ideas and improvements section so other users could also show their interest in it.



  • Have the same issue, please secure the functionality of not going on cooling.

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