Hot water but no heating

I installed a Wireless starter kit last night however, we only have hot water and no central heating

I followed the instructions from the Tado app for the install. I bridged the connections where the old thermostat was removed. The only way I could get the heating to work was to reinstall the old thermostat.

Old System:

Honeywell ST6400C programmer

Honeywell T6360b wired thermostat

Hot water tank in airing cupboard

I am now waiting for a Tado wired thermostat to be delivered. Will this make the install easier? I can always re-use the wireless one in a room with Tado radiator control?


  • Hi there! Sorry to jump on your post, but I have exactly the same set up. I am considering whether or not to buy the Tado.

    Did you get this working in the end?