Internet outage leaves me without hot water

This is the situation I woke up to this morning. My internet is down with a Major Service Outage in my area. It happened overnight when my hot water was turned off. I have your standard UK small system with a Wireless Receiver to control my system and a wireless thermostat. Whilst I can take manual control of my heating, it would appear I have no means of turning on my hot water until my Internet service is restored, which might not be until next week. Or have I missed something?

Why is there no manual means of turning on hot water? The Hot Water button on the Receiver is only a test button that turns on the hot water for about a minute. So it seems the only way I have of getting hot water through and beyond the weekend is to stand beside the Wireless Receiver all day and press the test button every minute!

This appears to be a very poor design element with basic functionality being unavailable when a component that's not in your control goes wrong. There should be a manual override built in somewhere!

What is the solution to my problem?