Replacing a 4 way controller

I have moved into a large house with an annexe that is run off a 4 way controller - 3 heating zones, plus 1 hot water (megaflo). Both the house and annexe share the boiler, hot water tank and internet connection. We want to provide separate controls for both the house and annexe so my mum can independently control her heating from the annexe.

In the main house we have 1 heating zone (valve) - so I plan to use the wireless kit for 1 heating plus the hot water.

For the annexe there are 2 heating zones (valves). I plan to use 1 wireless kit to control 1 zone, plus 1 wired thermostat for the other.

Is this right for the annexe, as I cannot see a wireless/wired combination on any support diagrams? Will they still link together in the app for my mum to control? Can I remove the 4 way controller with this set-up?



  • Oh my programmer is a Horstmann Channelplus h47xl

  • If you want two separate systems with independent control of the house and annexe, then it cannot be done if you are using the same router and broadband connection. Limited to one bridge per router.

    If you want one system for the entire property then it can be done, but you are limited to one wireless receiver. An electrician will need to remove the 4 channel programmer and rewire the zone valves to the new zone controllers. Tado will not give you instructions on how to do this, as it is not considered to be a DIY task.

    Be aware that some users in larger properties have issues with wireless range, particularly older properties with solid walls. With the limitation of one bridge per system it is not possible to create a mesh network for greater coverage.

  • Thanks GrilledCheese2. I have an electrician on-site (doing other bits) who will do whatever is needed for me - well above my DIY skillset! I just don't want to buy all the stuff and give it to him and then realise it wont work. He doesnt know Tado.

    I think I read that I can have two bridges per router, it is not a technical constraint, just Tado expect only one account per house (1 account per bridge)?

  • There’s been some confusion over two bridges on the same router. From a technical perspective it should work, but some users had issues and Tado changed their advice. Link to previous discussion of this topic.

  • Update - I have successfully set up a separate Tado account associated with a second internet bridge connected to the same router and paired the two thermostats to it. Just need to see if the sparky can rewire ........