Intermittent connection for wireless receiver

This last 36 hours the connection to my wireless receiver has become very unstable and intermittent. I have full Wi-Fi and no issues there. The system has been working fine for the last couple of months aprt from these last 36 hours. It’s very annoying. Any ideas? I haven’t moved anything.


  • Tado devices use the radio frequency 868Mhz, a frequency used for short range communication by lots of home gadgets. WiFi is an entirely different radio frequency and not relevant to your wireless receiver issue. A faulty gadget in your home, or your neighbours home, may be the cause but in theory all devices are meant to avoid interfering with each other. Cheap LED bulbs can cause a lot of broad spectrum interference. Another potential source is LTE (4G) dongles, which operate on adjacent frequencies.

    Assuming the source of the problem is inside your home try turning off electronic items, starting with anything new to the home. If the source of interference is external you might have to move the Tado devices to a different location. Small changes in position and orientation can make a big difference.

  • Hi thanks for this. It’s bizarre as all seems back to normal today. Do you think if I used a longer Ethernet cable, current one is about 1m and putting the bridge 3m or so from my router that could help?? Thanks
  • No harm in trying the bridge further away, but I think it is unlikely to make a difference. A lot people just use the supplied short cable without issue.