Wireless Temperature Sensor ALONE

Is possible to install the "Wireless Temperature Sensor" only to see the temperature of a room?

I don't want to control any valve.

Please only contrasted answers as I think you have to attach to a valve that has previously created a room, otherwise you can't assign to a new room.



  • Tado answer:

    The wireless temperature sonsor can be added to any room to measure and control the temperature with either the Wireless Receiver or the Smart Radiator Thermostats.

    But if you create a new room and just add the wireless temperature sensor in that room you could just measure the temperature in that room.

    *** Will confirm once I get the sensor ***

  • I can confirm for you, as I tried it today. If you add a wireless temperature sensor to a "new" room you can either....

    (A) leave it at that and use it as an expensive wireless thermometer


    (B) associate it with a zone controller to allow it to request the boiler to fire up


    (C) use it to replace/overrule the temperature sensing of a TRV which might be in a poor place - drafty or buried behind furniture/curtains etc..

    FWIW I just added one to my bathroom. The bathroom radiator has no thermostatic valve. It is open as an overrun radiator in case everything else shuts down. But, without this wireless sensor the bathroom cannot ask for heat at all. It must wait until another room requests heat and only then can it get a free ride when the boiler fires. But with the wireless temperature sensor assigned to my main Smart Wired Thermostat the bathroom can now call for the boiler to come on when no other room needs heat.

    If I disassociate the sensor from the thermostat then it is just a wireless thermometer that can do nothing except report temperature. It has no control over anything.